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We take a very different approach to dealing with your clients than most Internet stores. We want to work with your practice to help improve the health of the nation's pets.

When your client buys some of our products (provided we have their permission) we will let you know. We'd like your practice to have the opportunity to make the sales of the product directly to the client yourselves. This means that your practice will have a better record of the preventive health care of your patients. You will also have the benefit of extra income and profit to invest in the care of pets for the future. Your clients will also be visiting your practice to collect the products and this represents an opportunity to ensure that vaccinations are up to date etc.

Your clients benefit by not having to pay the postage & packing charges and also by allowing you to ensure that all their pet's other health care needs are being cared for.

So why is PetSmile wishing to give away the business? We hope that by using products from us you will see the genuine health benefits that they represent. We hope that you will then use the products for other pets that might not have seen our website. Hopefully, you will start routinely recommending (or even dispensing) our products after every dental treatment or check-up.

If you would like to purchase products (at reseller prices) from the PetSmile Store to sell to your own clients, please Click Here to contact us. Obviously, we know that your business needs to earn a margin on every sale in order to invest in the future care of pets, so we hope that our bulk pricing is attractive to you.

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