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Dental Gel 1-TDC - 60 capsules

1-TDC™ gel is a FANTASTIC adjunct to assist in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. 1-TDC™ is also used to promote Joint Health. See www.1-TDC.co.uk for more details.

Oral inflammation is a frustrating difficult condition to try and control in our pets. An essential part of control is a proper assessment and treatment by a qualified veterinary surgeon with an interest in oral health.

1-TDC™ has been shown to have benefits in helping to decrease the destructive inflammatory processes in periodontal disease. It will never be the “magic bullet” that means no other treatment is necessary – but it can significantly help control this painful and debilitating condition. 1-TDC™ gel is a novel blend of esterified monounsaturated fatty acids, which can simply be applied to the gums by lifting the lip and squeezing the capsule contents onto the upper jaw. Most cats and dogs seem to like the taste, they certainly don’t often resist application. The active ingredients are very rapidly absorbed through the gums – getting high active concentrations just where it is needed. The rest of the capsule can be simply swallowed.

For joint health use of 1-TDC™ seems to provide increased mobility and comfort. The unique blend of Esterified Fatty Acid Complexes (EFACs) delivers results that seem far superior to traditional joint health solutions and fish oils. When 1-TDC™ is used to help with joint disease the capsules can simply be given whole, orally.

When inflammation occurs most of the body’s responses are helpful in correcting the cause of the problem. However, some of the inflammatory changes can be destructive. This unwanted destructive reaction is especially important in periodontal disease – where bone loss can lead to loosening of teeth and their loss. In the joints inflammation leads to cartilage damage and changes in the joint lining.

The unique 1-TDC™ mixture of esterified monounsaturated fatty acids seems to help suppress these destructive processes. Research work is still ongoing to determine the precise biological pathways, but the beneficial results are clear to see and have been reported in leading scientific publications for Periodontology and Rheumatology.


  • Under 11 kg (Cats and Small Dogs)
    1 capsule daily for 30 days and then 1 capsule every other day thereafter
    This represents an on-going cost of only about 28p per day! (or 20p for the 120 size)
  • Dogs over 11 kg
    2 capsules daily per 22 kg for 30 days and then 1 capsule daily per 22 kg thereafter.
    For a 22Kg dog this means on-going costs will only be about 56p per day (or 40p for the 120 size)!


  • For Oral / Periodontal Heath
    Cut the tip off the capsule. Gently squeeze the jelly like contents onto the upper gum on each side of the mouth. Most cats and dogs do not resent this; indeed most seem to like the taste! The action of the lips and the tongue will then move the gel around the gums. The absorption is very fast and the active ingredients are delivered right to the site of the problem.
    For the occasional really finickity cat you can simply apply the 1-TDC™ gel to the nose or the front paws. They will then lick it off.
  • For Joint Heath
    Simply give the capsule whole. But there is nothing wrong with getting the extra oral health benefit by applying the gel as above. The absorbed ingredients will be carried to the joints by the blood stream.

Product Testimonials

My dog - a 9 year old border collie - was getting very stiff after a walk or a training session.  She had had several short treatments of the usual anti-inflammatory help, with no lasting effect.  After a week of 1-TDC she was managing to get up after a sleep without being stiff and now, after 3 months, the improvement is lasting. Added to this, her teeth and gums are strong and healthy.   I will definitely continue to give her this very effective product. I am amazed at the improvements this product continues to give.

Jane S  (Switzerland)

“I perform orthopaedic surgery every day in my practice. I firmly believe in the benefits of combining 1-TDC™ with NSAIDs and Tramadol to improve the clinical outcome in my patients. I see it work every day”

Dr Jeff Mayo
Fellow of the North American Academy of Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery
DVM, CVLS, Diplomate American Board of Veterinary Practice Companion Animal Specialist

“Based on a study I performed at the University of Saskatchewan, I was amazed at the positive results from the use of the 1-TDC™ technology. All periodontal measurements in the test animals improved significantly. The more I use the 1-TDC™ technology, the more impressed I am. It is not the total answer to oral health but it is a tremendous aid.”

Dr James Anthony
Specialist Veterinary Dentist
BSc(Agr), DVM, MRCVS, FAVD, DAVDC, Diplomate EVDC, PAg

1-TDC is an esterified MonoUnsaturated Fatty Acid mixture of cetylmyristoleate, cetyl myristate, cetyl palmitoleate, cetyl laureate, cetyl palmitate and cetyl oleate.

Topical 1-TDC in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease in Cats

Dr. James Anthony: Pacific Dental Service for Animals, Princeton, BC

Results - Clinical Observations

  • No complications/adverse events have occurred during the study period.
  • All cats continued their regular daily life with no obvious discomfort.
  • Daily applications were easy, quick and had no negative impact on oral tissues or in general on cats.
  • Cats were very cooperative and willing to get the daily applications suggesting that the acceptance of the topical 1-TDC was high.
  • 1-TDC treated group exhibited statistically significant reduction in pocket depth, clinical attachment loss, gingival index and bleeding on probing after treatment at 6 weeks, while placebo group did not show any significant change.
  • Compared to placebo group, 1-TDC group demonstrated significant reductions in clinical attachment loss, gingival index and bleeding on probing at six weeks.
  • Tooth Mobility was dramatically reduced after treatment with topical 1-TDC, however due to high variation between patients the difference did not reach to statistical significance.


  • Topical treatment with 1-TDC complex resulted in significant reductions in all parameters of clinical periodontal disease at 6 weeks.
  • 1-TDC provides significant improvement in gingival and periodontal health and can be an alternative, safe and non-invasive therapeutic approach in cats suffering from destructive periodontal diseases.

1-Tetradecanol Complex: Therapeutic Actions in Experimental Periodontitis

J Periodontol • July 2009: Hasturk, Goguet-Surmenian, Blackwood, Andry, Kantarci


There is substantial evidence that the products of arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism  may be pivotal in triggering and perpetuating the inflammatory changes seen in periodontitis. High concentrations of some of these chemicals are particularly destructive and implicated in periodontal diseases.

Manipulation of the immune response to suppress unwanted inflammatory reactions has been widely studied as a treatment for controlling such inflammatory responses in periodontal disease. Fatty acids have been proposed to reduce chronic inflammation by reducing the release of chemicals from stimulated white blood cells.

Treatment with 1-TDC resulted in a significant reduction in inflammation and bone loss compared to baseline periodontitis.

1-TDC treatment for periodontitis resulted in periodontal bone gain, whereas sites treated with placebo or left untreated had bone loss.

1-TDC treatment significantly reduced the inflammatory cell infiltration

The results indicate that 1-TDC™ is capable of reversing inflammation in periodontitis. These findings and the normal characteristics of newly formed bone in the 1-TDC™ sections suggested that 1-TDC™ was able to stop the progression of the disease and initiate healing, leading to bone reformation.

1-TDC™ treatment further initiates healing and the reformation of periodontal tissue integrity lost as a result of inflammation.

Although the precise mechanisms underlying these actions of 1-TDC remain to be elucidated, it is clear that dietary fatty acids have the potential to alter the level of  inflammation. The therapeutic use of topically applied fatty acid preparations has significant clinical potential.


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