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HealthyMouth Water Additive Dog - Original. 474ml


HealthyMouth Essential Water Additive is simply mixed into your pets' regular drinking water. The unique combination of ingredients  have been proven to reduce plaque by over 70% in independent studies. The evidence of effectiveness has been strong enough for HealthyMouth to have obtained the coveted award of acceptance by the VOHC. The VOHC is recognised by the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA), the European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC) and the European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS) as scientifically assessing products for their dental efficacy.

  • VOHC(r) Seal of acceptance for plaque control in dogs.
  • Clinically Proven.
  • 100% Free of Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients.
  • 100% human grade Ingredients.
  • Delivered in recycled containers.
  • Very high rate of acceptability backed by 100% refund policy.
  • Tastes like water to dogs!
  • Turns water a pleasant apple green colour.

The additive forms PART of a complete dental care programme. It is vital to discuss a full dental treatment and preventive home care programme with your veterinary surgeon.

HealthyMouth Dog Original 474mlWhen added daily to pets' drinking water the formula reduces the plaque which leads to inflammation and dental disease. It also inhibits the bacteria and germs that are the source of halitosis . Clinical trials and field use has also revealed that plaque, and bacterial reduction continues to improve the longer the product is used and that any remaining plaque is significantly softened, making the use of tooth brushing, dental diets and dental chew-bones even more effective for small animals.

The product contains natural ingredients and organic actives helping prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, thereby reducing plaque and keeping the mouth cleaner. The formulation also coats the buccal cavity of the animal to provide continuous protection against the accumulation of bacteria. The product achieves its effectiveness through the its blending of at least two active ingredients which mediate the reduction of plaque in the animal's mouth. A natural enzyme: papain, effectively reduces the build up of proteins in the mouth and zinc gluconate operates as an antibacterial agent. The combination of these two ingredients effectively reduces bacterial proliferation.

The composition includes natural antioxidants that increase the animal's immune response to bacteria. Particular vitamins have been selected which are also antioxidants and which help increase the immune response to bacteria. It has been shown that the anti-oxidant effects of anthocyanins and vitamins have a greater effect in combination than such anti-oxidants alone, thereby providing a beneficial cumulative effect. Chlorophyll is incorporated as a natural substance for freshening the animal's breath. Natural flavoring agents, such as extracts of clove and cinnamon are added to not only increase the palatability of the composition, but to enhance the ability of the product to produce fresher breath. However, there are no breath maskers in the product, which would only serve to cover a potentially more severe infection in the mouth requiring veterinary attention. Other agents, such as glycerin, which has antiseptic properties and zinc gluconate are incorporated to help coat the animal's mouth with the fluid of the composition to increase its overall effectiveness. Sorbic Acid and cinnamon are used as natural preservatives. This proprietary collection of ingredients incorporated in exemplar volumes and the interaction of the actives produce the desired results.

HealthyMouth Liquid Dog Origianl 474mlHealthyMouth Essential Water Additive is simply mixed into your pets' regular drinking water. The effective concentration is 5ml of the additive per litre (1000ml) of drinking water.

When first starting to use the product I recommend starting with just 1ml per litre. This allows pets to get used to the taste and colour of the water with the added supplement. Over the next few days (or as that first litre is drunk) make up the next litre with 2ml of concentrate, then 3ml, 4ml and finally the regualr concentration of 5ml per litre.

If you don't need the full litre of drinking water to fill the water bowls, then either make up smaller volumes (with relatively smaller volumes of HealthyMouth additive), or you can safely store the spare drinking water in the fridge.

If you are using water fountains (some cats in particular love these), then the extra oxygenation may make it sensible to change the drinking water at least once daily.

HealthyMouth is green coloured (because of the Chlorophyl), so it will look a little strange at first. You may also need to tell your friends that you have not simply left stagnant water for your pet ! Our pets don't seem to mind at all, we seem to meet very little (or any) resistance.

Apart from the Original flavour a variety of new flavours are available. It might be worth trying these for variety. In addition a Mobiliy version is available for those dogs with joint issues. If you have both dogs and cats, you can use the Drinking Water Additive for either, most dogs are very happy drinking the cat flavours!

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VOHC Seal of AcceptanceHealthyMouth Essential Water Additive is the ONLY water additive to be granted a VOHC Seal of acceptance.

The VOHC is an independent body which assess scientific evidence from properly conducted trials. Only those products which have proven an efficacy at reducing plaque or calculus will be accepted. There were two clinical trials for HealthyMouth Dog Essential and trhe VOHC seal was granted back in 2011.

The VOHC approval is accepted by a large number of prestigious Veterinary Dental organisations worldwide, as providing scientifically backed evidence of efficacy. If you would like details of the actual trials - then do not hesitate to contact us.

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